Bandiagara is located in the area of Mopti, in top of a cliff which has given it
its name. Its inhabitants are "top" Dogon, living on the plate. This city is the starting point of the circuits towards perched villages and troglodytes vestiges below. It is a needed stop for all the travellers aiming to walk through the spectacular cliff road.


Mali map

The "hotel la Falaise" is :

- 65 km far from Mopti, the Venice of Mali
(airport : charters flights and interior flights)

- 195 km far from Djenné and the biggest mud-brick building in the world
(the great mosque)

- 245 km far from Douentza, in the mountainous region of Gourma

- 330 km far from elephants natural parc of Gourma

- 485 km far from Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso
(airport : regular and interior flights)

- 425 km far from Tombouctou, city of the 333 saints
(airport : interior flights)

- 500 km far from Ségou, capital of the old Bambara kingdom

- 640 km far from Gao, pearl of the desert at the edge of the Niger river
(airport - charters flights and interiors)

- 700 km far from Bamako, capital of Mali (airport – regular and interiors flights)


The hotel is located at the entrance of Bandiagara city, opposite the large roundabout.

In plane 

- International airport of Mopti-Sévaré (interior and charters flights)
- International airport of Bamako-Sénou (regular flights and charters)
- International airport of Ouagadougou (regular flights and charters)

In car

- While coming from Burkina Faso, via Thiou then Koro and Bankass or Tougan 
   then Bankass.
- While coming from Bamako, road of Ségou, Mopti, direction then 
   Bandiagara direction.