Helping the growth
of the Dogon plate villages

Hotel La Falaise wants to push up for economic, social and cultural development of the Dogon plate. Our objective: to support plate’s inhabitants efforts. They organize themselves to change and improve their living conditions. According to that goal, we have set up a close cooperation with several non profit-making organizations.


The Association of Don-Nindju women
Traditional soap manufacture, ecological poultry farming, promotion of the
bee-keeping, elimination of women illiteracy, hygienic sensibilization, family
income management

The Association of Promotion of the Female Activities (APAF)
Promoting small ruminants breeding, the truck farming and the agricultural produce, sensitizing with the VIH/Sida health questions, development of income generating crafts (e.g. traditional fabrics and dye)

Promotion & Community Development (P.D.CO.)
Education and elimination of illiteracy, professional training, microcrédits and financing countryside cultures, production, transformation and conservation of the products of agriculture and the breeding, hydro-agricultural installation, assistance with decentralization, councils in infantile nutrition.

Group of women transforming shallots in Adakanda


For an interdependent and responsible tourism

Tourism is an important vector of economic and social development for Mali. Conscious of the misdeeds of mass tourism, we chose to promote a tourism based on ecological and human respect. This is why we decided to support the traditional activities of the local populations and to sensitize them with the reception of the foreign tourists.

The Hotel La Falaise is active in many fields:

> Promotion of the ecotourism

> Sensitizing of the local population to tourism and cultural changes

> Cultural exchanges: musics, dances, craft industries, etc

> Cleansing and hygiene in the town of Bandiagara and the surrounding villages

> Schooling: construction of classrooms and centers of elimination of illiteracy

> Health system: formation and construction of health centers

> Nutritional support in the event of food crisis: bank of cereals

> Decentralized co-operation: twinnings cities/villages, common communes
of the North/of the Circle of Bandiagara


Help us to support the Dogon Plate associations !

In addition to the Hotel La Falaise financial support, our funding sources are: 
villages contributions and, partners associations gifts or legacy and external subsidies.

Any organization or person wishing to support us and the villages are welcomed. The villages need need to lean how to benefit the best from local resources and tourism. Our administrative framework is used as support for the management
and the organization of these projects.

If you wish to help us and support financially the Dogon plate development projects, please contact Mr Papa Napo:
/ portable (+223) 601 53 35.